Saturday, May 31, 2008

DNA of humans has been invaded

Here is another point to ponder on

Can animal cells DNA injected directly into a newborns blood by passing all of the safety systems of the body have any negative effects in a child’s DNA? Will the child’s genetic make up that was passed on from the parents be high jacked to form a new genetic make up?

Bottom line your cells will replicate from the time you are conceived in the womb until the day you die cells will replicate. So this means that before a cell dies it will pass the DNA genetic makeup to the new cells so that the body will continue to evolved and mature naturally.

Take time and read how the DNA of humans has been invaded

It has been proven t that when children get vaccinated with vaccine ingredients that contain Viruses and viral agents a transfer of genetic matterial has taken place and in the process at the cellular level the DNA of humans has been invaded thus a new genetic code has taken over the DNA inprint. You can read more aboout this here:

1. The authors of a study published in 1980 by "Mutation Research" came to the conclusion that smallpox vaccination has a "mutagenic effect" on human chromosomes. [Neil Z. Miller's 1999 book Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective?, p. 46] "Viruses and viral vaccines are agents for the transfer of genetic imprints from one host to another. In other words, because they contain pure genetic material (DNA and RNA) from a foreign organism, once injected into a human recipient, the new genetic material is incorporated into the invaded cells." [Miller, p. 48] In the 1960s, Joshua Lederberg, Dept. of Genetics, Stanford University School of Medicine, said that "live viruses are ... genetic messages used for the purpose of programming human cells". Lederberg said that "we already practice biological engineering on a rather large scale by use of live viruses in mass immunization campaigns." [Miller, p.49]

"No one knows the long-term effects of tampering with the genetic codes and delicate structure of the human organism. However, the physical invasion of the human body by foreign genetic material may have the immediate effect of permanently weakening the immune system, setting in motion a new era of autoimmune diseases. For example, research indicates that psychotic disorders may be caused by viral infections. The incidence of schizophrenia is on the rise compared to earlier times, and studies now indicate that about one-third of all cases are autoimmune in nature. Once again, some authorities implicate the childhood vaccine programs." [Miller, p. 49]

So what are you to do? DETOX ASAP!

Just so you know One Flu shot a year 5 years in a row will increase chances of Alzheimer’s by X10 FOLD. WOW! It is criminal that now Babies at 6 months old are getting this TOXIC vaccine,

Bottom line every one that has received any shots needs to DETOX ASAP! Why you ask? Because the TOXIC load of chemicals are still in the body and cells are replicating. Every day, and months that go by immunity will decrease. This is part of the reason why many off the common diseases like Autism, ADD/ADHD, Diabetes, Lupus, Heart problems, Asthma, Alzheimer, Parkinson’s manifest early or later in live.

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